About Us

Nora and NamaFor over a year Nora and Nama were working to establish their own individual businesses. While Nora worked intensely to bring her Plant-Based pastry, cakes and spreads to the vegan community and to the public, Nama was building her net of distributors by working with businesses and using the online platform.

After understanding the massive demands for tasty, high-quality Vegan products, the two finally united to start a new magical vegan journey.  Now, as they are opening their first shop in Camden Market, they are both adamant to reach the hearts of as many people. 

Meet the Team

Baking has always been in Nama’s soul. She is inspired by tastes and aromas around her and always seeks to innovate and create the next exciting dessert.


Nora Bergman is a professional Pastry Chef. She qualified at the prestigious, world-leading culinary school - `Le Cordon Bleu` London in 2012. Being a Vegan she Acknowledged the importance of making healthy, plant-based, sustainable and cruelty-free recipes. She has set herself a goal to spread these values in this way by sharing her passion for baking. She is inspired by the Mediterranean, Eastern European and French Cuisine and is proud of some of her achievements so far but never stops.