Vegan Trend - Worldwide Change or Local Fantasy

If you are like me, you like to travel. While traveling, eating can be an issue, and although most of the time we buy our own products and prepare light meals, when we get the chance and find a Vegan Restaurant or Cafe', it is time to celebrate!

I was very glad to find this amazing information about 10 cities around the world that offers plenty of Vegan food. Starting from raw products you can find in supermarkets such as: Veganz, HaGal HaYarok or GreenBay, restaurants such as Sababa Restaurant (@Kastanienallee 50, 10119 Berlin, Germany) serving original Hummus and middle eastern cuisine or  Nanuchka in Tel Aviv, and up to Vegan junk food provided at Vx.

Happy Cow posted this list of 10 great cities like: Berlin, New York, London, Tel Aviv, Warsaw and Taipei (see link here). But it doesn’t end there… Nowadays, more people are making the transfer to a Vegan diet, due to ethical or health reasons, this vast movement of Veganism created a consumption brand that brought to life new type of businesses, all Plant Base. Markets and Festivals are available nearly in every country and the growing interest is unstoppable.

In the UK we had over half a million people following the Vegan diet back in mid-2016 (source: Vegan Society). And Although it’s hard to get definite numbers, there is definite and positively growing trend. It is evident, according to the BBC, that Germany was a leading force for Vegan food in 2016 (based on Mintel Global New Products Database) -

A very efficient way of learning about a global trend is to look at what people are searching online, and regarding the Vegan search, the trend in Google Trends is very clear:

(Source: Google Trends)

The search for Vegan key words in Google today is 5 times higher than it used to be 5 years ago.

I used to have doubts re the actual impact of me being a vegan on ending the suffering of animals. But learning about these trends and watching more and more people opening their mind to this idea, made me believe that this movement of ours, this Veganism power, can and will continue to grow. And with it improving animal welfare and our planets health, and I am now much more hopeful.

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