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Vegan Alfajores - South American Dolce De Leche Delight

I've been making this recipe even before I became vegan. I fell in love with these soft decadent biscuits and had to find out how to make them. And now years after my first try, I'm happy to share with you my Vegan recipe.The milk and vinegar mix, can be replaced with apple sauce if you would like the cookies to be even softer, but for longer shelf life I would recommend the milk and vinegar.  The biscuits will come out hard, but the Dolce De Leche will soften them to the right delicious measure.  Have fun and let me know how you did :-)    Ingredients: 200gr              Soft Non-Dairy Butter 200gr          ...

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Vegan Trend - Worldwide Change or Local Fantasy

If you are like me, you like to travel. While traveling, eating can be an issue, and although most of the time we buy our own products and prepare light meals, when we get the chance and find a Vegan Restaurant or Cafe', it is time to celebrate! I was very glad to find this amazing information about 10 cities around the world that offers plenty of Vegan food. Starting from raw products you can find in supermarkets such as: Veganz, HaGal HaYarok or GreenBay, restaurants such as Sababa Restaurant (@Kastanienallee 50, 10119 Berlin, Germany) serving original Hummus and middle eastern cuisine or  Nanuchka in Tel Aviv, and up to Vegan junk food provided at Vx. Happy Cow posted this...

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Egg Replacement for Vegan Baking

There are some awesome Vegan egg replacements. So you can stay cruelty-free and enjoy your normal lifestyle. Try these egg replacements for your baking and I’m sure the results will be amazing! → Apple sauce – Usually, you can replace one egg with ¼ cup of unsweetened Applesauce. If the unsweetened sauce is unavailable, just reduce the amount of sugar you have in the recipe. You would need to approximate the amount of sugar you will need to deduct. One option would be to add the sugar gradually and taste the mixture while you proceed.   → Banana - One egg can be replaced by a ¼ cup of a ripe and mashed banana. This is an easy and good...

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